Longest day of the year…….

I’m calling this a Test Post …….

I’ve been addicted to Twitter for almost a year now, but I’ve never ventured into the realm that exists beyond 140 characters, uncharted waters. I plan to do ‘Ras na mBan’ later this year, it will be my second outing to Ireland’s only International Stage Race for women. There are 6 stages, held over 5 days in early September, and based in Sneem, Co. Kerry. Last  year my participation was very much a last minute thing. I had only raced my bike for the first time in June of last year, and then in August ‘Orwell Wheelers’ Ladies Team kindly invited me to guest ride for them at ‘Ras na mBan’.

I had no idea what to expect, and I had no expectations of myself. I ended up finishing 42nd on GC, but more importantly I had an amazing time, met some super people, and enjoyed (almost,……. it was a little wet in Kerry)  every second of  my ‘Ras na mBan’ experience. Afterwards I wrote a short account of my race here.

So, earlier this week, Cycling Ireland Womens’ Commission founding member, and ‘Ras na mBan’ organiser, Valerie Considine kindly asked me to consider creating a blog to report on ‘Ras na mBan 2012’  from a riders point of view. I love the idea, it will give me something to focus on other than The Suffering, so I happily agreed! So, with a nod to Myles McCorry, here we are …….

21st of June 2012, the longest day of the year, and National Championships TT day. It rained through the night here in Kilkenny, and it’s still at it. Hopefully it’ll dry up for everyone doing Time Trials starting in Cahir later today, first rider off at 17:31……. Sadly I can’t go along, even to watch, other commitments…….

And even more sadly, I am bike-less at present (memories of my pre-Ras na mBan experience last year….. a dog took me down two weeks before the race, my fork was thrashed, and I was without a bike until the day before Stage 1, not ideal race preparation!). I had toyed with the idea of taking part in the Ladies National Championships Race, and even did a recce of the course a few weeks ago, liked it well enough, made some tentative plans etc. etc. However a mid-race crash earlier this week put a stop to my gallop, and a fatal blow to my beloved Canyon. So, no race for Fi. I’ll be there to watch though, I may even Tweet it all…



3 comments on “Longest day of the year…….

  1. Caro says:

    Nice work Fiona!!! 🙂

  2. AnnemarieClarke Clarke says:

    I’m joining your fan club. Nice one

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