@01min 44 sec

Wow. Clare Dallat who won this evening’s Ras na mBan TT did the 3.4km almost one whole minute…. ONE WHOLE MINUTE….. over 3.4km…… faster than me. I know this is not the end of the world, but really, ONE WHOLE MINUTE (almost)……. I was killing myself Clare, what in God’s name were you doing???? Probably not stuffing your face with banana bread earlier today anyhow.

Since doing team support for the first time at Ras Mumhan at Easter…..

Okay, so it’s nearly midnight, Niamh & Charlotte will tell you that I spent most of my evening writing the post that started with the above paragraph. Little did I notice though that the wifi connection had stopped working, The Cloud wasn’t saving my words….. I just do not have the energy to tap into my brain again now, and Aido sent us to bed over an hour ago. I can tell you that my punchline was a Fr. Ted reference (is there any occasion on this green earth that cannot be described using a reference from good old Fr. T…), you know that one where Dougal is bothering Ted about something, so Ted says, “You know Dougal, you can even praise God by just leaving the room.”

And my parting words were…. I’m off to bed now, and I’m smiling. Healy Pass tomorrow. I will endure, and I will enjoy!

And the rest, well, sometimes it’s best to just imagine…


2 comments on “@01min 44 sec

  1. Sub Mario says:

    Go baby!

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